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‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Players Are Using An Old-School Cheating Mechanic To Work The System


The Star Wars: Battlefront II loot field fiasco has made a huge impact on the gaming industry in its temporary time launched. Laws in Europe have modified to name loot containers “gambling,” EA and Dice have drastically lowered the credit it takes to unlock characters within the recreation, and the Pay to Win mannequin has, for essentially the most half, been removed from Battlefront II entirely. But nonetheless, the grind stays. Even if it’s a beautiful and fun Star Wars game.

So though the gaming group pushed again laborious towards the sport’s sadly painful methods, like life, players discover a means. For many years we’ve been capable of finding a strategy to get forward, if even just a little, through the use of essentially the most minimal effort with a view to have “fun.” Enter Redditors Lowberg and F0nden, who went completely old-school and “modded” their controllers utilizing “hacks” to maintain enjoying once they truly weren’t.

Lowberg created a “progression droid” to “unskillfully collect credits,” which might be what a younger Anakin was creating C-3P0 for initially.

Reddit: Lowberg

Here’s the a lot much less convoluted (and far much less spectacular) methodology that so many people utilized rising up within the days when gaming was extra apt to place blisters in your thumbs — rubber bands.

Reddit: F0nden

Gaming really has hit its zenith when total industries shift, shares crash, and players flip in direction of engineering all to allow them to play a recreation much less.

(Via Eurogamer)

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